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Visit the Programs page to view available sports programs and register.
YMCA sports leagues are open to boys and girls of all skill levels. Participants do not need a YMCA membership to participate, but members do receive a discount. Ages vary based on location due to field and/or gym access.
Scholarships are available to participants who qualify. Applications are available at your YMCA facility or online.
Cancellations received before the first practice are eligible for a full refund. Once practice has begun, but before the first game has been played, we will offer a credit for YMCA programs. After the first game has been played, we are unable to give any refunds or credits. 
Participants are placed on teams based on their age and requests. (Not all requests are granted)
The number of players on a team varies based on the age group. Typically, a team consists of the number of players required on the field/court, plus 2-3 additional players. The maximum number of players on a team is usually based on doubling the participants required on the field/court. For example, if an age group plays 5v5, the minimum on a roster is 8 with a maximum of 10 players.
We try to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee requests will be honored. Refunds are not provided due to an unfulfilled request. For teammate or coach requests, you must indicate whom you are requesting on the registration questionnaire.
The following should be brought to all practices and games: Soccer: A water bottle, athletic clothing, and shin guards. Basketball: A water bottle. athletic clothing, and tennis shoes with non-marking soles. Flag football: Water bottle, athletic shorts (no pockets), and mouthguard. **Cleats are highly recommended, but not required.
Fill out our volunteer form to get started. We will reach out to you with more information after.