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Whether you need an accountability partner, new exercises or want to improve overall strength, the West Central YMCA's has a personal trainer for you.

Personal Training

Personal Training at the YMCA:

  • Establish goals that suit your fitness level
  • Workout one-on-one time with a certified trainer
  • Learn fun, challenging exercises Receive an exercise program specific to your needs, health status, and limitations
  • Learn proper exercise techniques, program design, and progression to avoid exercise-related injuries
  • Receive positive encouragement and accountability to keep you committed to your training program

Personal Training Flyer

Sports Personal Training Flyer

Meet Our Trainers

Trainer 1

Sandy Benavidez

Lakeland Family YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Training

Introducing Sandy Benavidez Carpenter, a seasoned NASM Certified Personal Trainer...

Trainer 2

Karim Isaac

Lakeland Family YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Training & Sports Personal Training

Meet Karim Isaac, a dedicated Personal Trainer at the Y whose love for fitness was cultivated through a rich background in soccer....

Trainer 3

Justin Bowne

Lakeland Family YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Training

Meet Justin, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer on a mission to transform lives through fitness....

Trainer 32

Mary Garrabrant

Lakeland Family & Fontaine Gills YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Training

Mary is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in the medical field and a passion for fitness and wellness....

Trainer 4

Sarah Fowler

Lakeland Family YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Training

Meet Sarah Fowler, a dedicated, certified Personal Trainer with nearly a decade of experience,...

Trainer 7

Nicole Parisi

Lakeland Family & Fontaine Gills YMCA

Adult/Youth Personal Trainer

Meet Nicole Parisi,an experienced NASM certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in Exercise Science....

Trainer 5

Kevin Acevedo

Lakeland Family YMCA

Sports Personal Trainer

Meet Kevin Acevedo, a dedicated personal trainer with ten years of experience in the fitness industry....

Trainer 6

Johnathan Fanfan

Lakeland Family & Fontaine Gills YMCA

Sports Personal Trainer

Meet Johnathan Fanfan, a seasoned athlete with a background steeped in MMA and wrestling....


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my program include nutrition counseling?

Our YMCA Personal Trainers will primarily focus on your workouts and exercise habits. While most personal trainers aren’t certified dietitians, they’ll address basic nutritional concepts with you that will help you achieve your goals.

Do I have to be a member at the Y to get a personal trainer?

Yes, affordable personal training is a benefit of being a YMCA member.

Can I cancel at any time and get a refund?

We require a seven-day cancellation notice from your draft date. Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable, however, we encourage you to use any remaining balance of sessions that you have upon cancelling.