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Water Aerobics

At the YMCA of West Central Florida we offer many different classes that range from cardio and strength training to arthritis therapy.

Take a look at the classes we offer:

Arthritis Class*: A special class designed for an arthritis sufferer that provides a gentle, range of motion, taught in our heated pool. This class is approved by the Arthritis Foundation

  • This class is offered M/W/F $50 for Members and $90 for non-members

Healthy Back: A recreational exercise program designed to accomadate the abilities of individuals with lower back pain

Silver Sneakers Splash: Water conditioning with older patients needs in mind; includes stretching and a low to mid-intensity workout.

Powersplash: A cardio workout containing mid to high intensity circuits, deep water exercises, and toning with workout equipment.

Deep Water: Performed in deep water with water belts; this class can improve strength and endurance. Challenge your fitness goals with this fun class.

AquaFit: This class uses the water's natural resistance for increasing muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular efficiency with reduced stress on the joints. This class is for all fitness levels.

Aqua Boot Camp: Performed in deep water this cardio workout contains high intensity circuits, deep water exercises, and toning with added various workout/swimming equipment (MUST be able to swim 25 yards.)


* Arthritis classes DO NOT have online registration! This class is a paid program and you will need to call or see the front desk to sign up. This class is ONLY offered at the Lakeland Family YMCA.