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Swim Lessons

Learning How to Swim at The Y

At the YMCA of West Central Florida, swim lessons emphasize water safety and skill development in a safe environment!

Group Swim Lessons:

Swim Starters: Ages 6 months - 3 years

  • Infants and toddlers are accompanied by their parents as they learn to be comfortable in the water
  • The primary focus is on water discovery and water exploration which covers topics such as:
    • Water exit and entry
    • Back and front floating
    • Rolling in the water

Swim Basics: Ages 3+

  • Students learn more about personal water safety and work to master two benchmark skills
  • The primary focus is on Water acclimation, movement, and stamina and covers topics such as:
    • Front glide
    • Submerging
    • Swimming on their front and backs

Swim Strokes: Ages 3+

  • Students learn additional water safety skills and build on their stroke techniques.
  • The primary focus is on Stroke introduction, development, and mechanics and covers topics such as:
    • Water endurance
    • Front and back crawl
    • Treading water
    • and much more!

See our Swim Lessons Schedule For The Lakeland Family YMCA